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The Reliable and Affordable Answer to All of Your Brush Clearing Needs

Whether it is a couple of bushes you want gone or a multi acre project, we got you covered!


Our brush clearing process allows selective removal of unwanted vegetation, leaving desirable trees and root structures intact. Mulch left in place accelerates the natural decomposition process, reduces erosion and increases soil moisture retention, helping to maintain and improve the health of remaining trees and habitat.

Brush Clearing

Bush Hoggingalso known as brush hogging, is a cost effective way to clear overgrown brush and small trees.

Bush hogging uses a heavy duty deck and blades to cut through thick brush. It is great to prepare land for farming, hunting, development, and a variety of other uses.


Unlike most other brush clearing companies, we have experience climber on our crews. Tree too close to your house, shed, or fence?  That's no problem for our dedicated team here at Brush Clearing Pros. We'll carefully and successfully remove sick, dead or unwanted trees.

Tree Removal

Want to start with a blank canvas?  Whether it is for a new home, shed, garden, or any other project we can help! Land clearing is the process of removing trees, stumps, boulders, and any other debris from a property. 

Land Clearing
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